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We distinguish ourselves by the quality of its products and services at competitive prices

Years of experience

We have the firm intention to achieve the delight of our customers through the world-class products and services we offer; maintaining a management system for quality assurance and continuous improvement. In accordance with international standards ISO 9001.

Our mission is to manufacture metal products that fully satisfy the needs and requirements of our customers, to support the industry in general, through continuous improvement of our processes and the development of our staff,  working safely and protecting our environment.

To be a leading organization that meets the technical requirements in the manufacture of metal parts, to be competitive and innovative with a high sense of improvement, capable of facing technological changes by using constantly updated production procedures, systems and production models to create wealth and well-being, promoting the safety of our personnel and the prevention of contamination to the environment.

Why choose us?

01 /Experience

More than 35 years of experience in the manufacture of steel parts.

02 / Capacity

We have the necessary equipment to carry out small and large projects.

03 / Quality

Always exceeding customer expectations.

04 / Location

We are located just 150 miles from the Texas border and have access to railroad tracks.

05 /Prices

Our prices are highly competitive.

06 / Flexibility

Our adaptable workshop and experienced staff allow us to manage a wide range of projects.

07 / Commitment

Reflected in long-term relationships with our clients.